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Looking for everlasting elegance?
You can never go wrong with Chanel. When Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel opened her shop in 1910, no one could ever predict what a success the little hat shop would turn out. Chanel today is one of the leading world fashion house and has been the leader for approximately one hundred years.

Think little black dress – think Chanel. But don’t limit yourself to that only – Chanel offers haute couture, ready-to-wear fashion, and different fashion products from eyewear to perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, jewelry and Chanel bags. The artistic director is Karl Lagerfeld who is responsible for the provocative lines of the brand.

If you want the Chanel IT bag – you must have the 2.55 bag. The comparatively small 2.55 bag is one of the most famous purses in the world. Also you can not get a Chanel bag on sale. The only option to save money is buying second-hand purses.

The mighty 2.55
In 1955 Coco Chanel added long shoulder straps to quilted pattern handbag – which was rather revolutionary for her time. Coco Chanel simply wanted to free up her hands. The 2.55 bag was originally provided in the classic Chanel palette: brown, light beige, black, blue. Today you can find it in variety of colors and materials – tweed or terry cloth – bright red or yellow. Also you can be always sure that the basic elements of 2.55 will be the same – the quilted material, chain and the same patented CC lock. This bag despite its considerable age still remains the hottest fashion purse on the market.

The most beautiful branded bags

Chanel bags onlineChanel is a pure elegance when it comes handbag design, and although currently it has lost its cult like status to some new designers' IT bags, there is a wide market for this brand, as the exquisite French elegance is valued at all times and no matter what cost. Although the company now is 100 years old it still finds a way to sell its traditions. If there is bag that any fashion women owns in her designer closet it is the quilted Chanel handbag. A sure must have. The same also goes to the brand's clothing as well. The traditions, the Chanel look is still one of the styles that has not been found old fashioned. And they (meaning the brand) have never had the sales or reduced price corner at they store. They are proud of their product and they sell it at a luxury price.

Chanel bags for sale? You wish...

The brand has never, ever had a sale at their stores. So if somebody proposes that she or he perhaps knows of the Chanel sale, they are bluffing. You will not find a genuine thing for a small price, especially if you are buying online. Be careful, do not be fooled by tempting prices. It is not worth the shame and hassle.

The most famous ones:

Chanel MademoiselleOne of the hot news these days are the Mademoiselle handbags with Blake Lively. Indeed, when it comes to marketing, the brand's management surely knows the job and who is better than Blake Lively to represent the trendy women today. The Mademoiselle purse have been a success, although there is not much new as regards the design - same quilted material available in jersey, calfskin, satin, alligator and iguana leather. The price varies from model make and size, it starts at USD 2150 and up to USD 3500. Also if you want to save a little bit on the purchase, then these purses are cheaper in France, even with the rising euro. The saving is not big, but still, if you have a Paris vacation, why not to spoil yourself completely with the new handbag from Mademoiselle collection.

There is also a very beautiful green alligator leather clutch sized 5.5" x. 9.8" x 2". You can view it on their web page in the outstanding pieces section. Plus if you are into shopping mode, who not get on of their absolutely beautiful jewelry pieces, they are worth every dollar you spend.

Chanel Boy FlapThe new purse line that the brand has produced and that has been approved by customers and fashion magazines around the globe is the new Boy collection. it combines the best of traditions with a twist on Gothic style closures and beautiful color combinations. If you like the bag, join the Boy Chanel bag club.
This one is also quite expensive. The price ranges from USD $3200 to $4500. It is available at the boutique stores and numerous celebrities have been spotted to carry them. The dimensions for the small flap bag in the picture is 5.9" x 3.7" x 2.8".

Also - remember again - no sale of the Chanel purses on internet - the brand wants you to have the experience in the boutique. Today you can only order skin care, makeup and fragrances online in the official web site.

Also, since you are a fan of the brand, the jewelry collections are a match to the luxury purses. Elegant earrings, exquisite pendants and beautifully crafted luxurious rings are the jewelry that you can save and pass on to your daughters or daughters in law.

The segment that has been neglected for some time, but that is equally important is the men's bags industry. For so long, everyone was going crazy about the latest lady purse, that almost gained cult-like status, while the designers quietly offered some beautiful leather handbags for men as well. There is also more specialization in this market, for example, the whole laptop sleeve industry and notebook messengers, for carrying the electronic or sports equipment, for example, there are specialized cases for gaming devices, such as Nintendo Wii bag We have vast information on many fashion bags and hand bags and you will be able to find many designer purses to suit your wishes and budget. If interested there are also men's leather bracelet or men's leather briefcase and you can read about the opportunities to buy leather accessories for men online. Bags on sale is the right opportunity to learn more about the handbag history, designers and best purse models.
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