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Angel Jackson is the new IT bag design house for now. Its founders are Katie and Millie Smith, who are sisters with a goal to establish a world class accessories company that would be not only known for their superb and stylish handbags but also for the great attitude towards the company's staff. This was a rather easy road for the the brand's bags as the company was established only in 2005 and already today has received acclaim and great reviews from Vogue, Elle and other fashion magazines. Not to mention the celebrity crowd that were after Angel Jackson clutch or tote bags soon after the first collection of high end Soho chic handbags was launched. Angel Jackson bags are sold at the elite shops such as Harrods and many more. These edgy and urban handbags truly deserve all the attention and buzz and pretty soon there will be new Angel Jackson handbag that everyone will talk about.

This fashion label is a British brand, however their handbags are truly global and trendy accessories. You can buy Angel Jackson online, for example the favorite clutch or the feather bag or even the cute Angel Jackson jaguar belt. Although it is clear that the event everyone is really looking for is the Angel Jackson sale, where you can buy online the hippy Bum bag. From Pearly Queen clutch to glamorous foldover clutch in fantastic shades made of snakeskin are absolutely chic accessories and they are different from the mass crowd. These satchels and clutches are like a breeze of fresh air for all bag maniacs.
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Angel Jackson Feather BagDesigner sale is a magnificent event and many wonderful tote bags and satchels go on sale. The foldover clutch in luxurious snakeskin is one of the best selling handbags from this brand, however if you are looking for something more extravagant and different try out the selection of tote bags or satchels, such as Mutiara satchel.

If you want to make a statement - get the feather bag (photo on the left). It is priced at approximately 500 USD and available for online shopping at the brand's web page. The bag is quite spacious - sized at 38 x 35 cm, which in inches makes 15" x 13.8".

Also what is great that any bag type you choose, there will be a choice of shades to treat your eyes with. From raspberry dark red to sky blue and dusty pink colors. The choice is especially large for the clutches. The Chandra clutch in python, for example, costs approximately 300 USD has 27 shades to choose from. The material is the snakeskin. The interior of the purse is suede lined. There is also a pocket inside with the famous brand's logo. The shoulder strap is detachable. This model can be also purchased online and its size is 33 cm and 17 cm, which makes 12.9 inches and 6.7 inches.

Angel Jackson Midi BoxThese purses have been featured in TV series as well, thus the rich and the famous in the Gossip Girl have carried the bags of this label for a while now.

The purse on the left is called Midi box and is very versatile - you can carry it or a party or take it as your daily clutch to have all the essentials you need with you. There are two pockets provided for your convenience and will be perfect for cell or other small items. The bag also has a built-in mirror for more convenience.

This purse features a removable shoulder strap. This purse is made in snakeskin and is lined with canvas and leather. The size 7.8 " 9.5". The drop of shoulder strap is 47 inches. This is sure a small treasure to buy for a price of 320 euro (or approximately 415 USD). It is sold online and available for in international customers outside Great Britain as well. Isn't that cute?

Angel Jackson Graphic SatchelFunky and very Boho chic. However there is something very elegant and subtle about these designs so that they do not end up looking trashy and homeless people style inspired.
This fashion label has always been very conscious of their message and that is to make make great designs at an affordable price (though still high price) so you are almost guaranteed to have that something special added to the design while maintaining high standards for quality and aesthetics. And graphic satchel bag in red color (there also is a blue option and emerald option available) is one of their latest additions to the new collection.
Price tag says ~ 600 USD and for that money you will get:
Sheep leather and snakeskin graphic design. The body is screen printed snake leather. The strap is made of snake skin and gold chain. The closure is turn clasp. Inside there is a pocket for cards. It measures 22 cm H x 24 cm W, which is 8.6"H x 9.4" W.

This brand continues to deliver those hot and cute purses and their fan base is growing together with the demand for their products. Although they have been dedicating their energy and designs to black and white monochrome purses, there are still some vibrant small handbags, such as the disco bag. Bold colors and mix and match of materials is the new trend for the new collections. For example, have a look a the limited edition Wrigleys clutch as one of the option. Plus - there are plenty of bright and fun choices to make. As usual - a good job done.