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Bally is a luxury shoes' and handbags manufactured from Switzerland. The brand was established by brothers Carl Franz and Fritz in year 1854 under the name of the Bally. Today the superb quality and designs of men and women shoes has earned this quality shoes brand a reputation to make them one of the luxury leather goods brands. This brand expanded significantly after the World War 2 and in 1976 Bally added handbags and clothing lines to the their products range. However Bally shoes and Bally purses remain the main focuses of this luxury label. This Switzerland high quality leather accessories brand has no expanded to become a brand represented in many countries, from France to Montevideo and Beverly Hills.

Bally design satchels are characterized by their laconic designs and the absolute quality. In fact the reputation for the superb quality is one of the key stones for Bally handbag manufacturing. Although not often there is Bally sale when discounted Bally bags are offered. These are original Bally purses and discount Bally tote bags on sale with discount prices. This is really one handbag purchase you will never regret. The price still will not be cheap, but it will be very difficult to wear the purse down. And in case needed, you can do repair at the store to make the handbag look as good as new.
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Bally Redgrave PurseBally Redgrave

This is the current highlight of the online collection for the brand with several sizes and different shades. The bag costs 1595 USD for the tote model. Very geometric lines are emphasized by the red colored leather trim, and this is definitely a purse to be noticed not to blend in. The web page of the brand also carries this purse in black and deep blue version. Definitely a purse with an attitude. An Bally brand name also is a guarantee for the quality. There are two options for materials - one is leather trimmed canvas option, and there also are the leather option as well. The canvas option costs 1295 USD and is great for summer wear.

This purse also has the clutch version, which been removed of the top handles, however the lined border remains. Also this clutch model can be purchased online.

The tradition of this brand is the classics. Classics in shapes, designs, materials and colors. And their traditional value is the quality. You can be 100% sure that by purchasing one of their items you will get the the top quality product. Their purses may not seem like the most innovative when it comes to design, but don't be fooled by the first impression. Try one and you will see what it is all about. When you try it with any outfit you will see how discreetly elegant the purse is and can be used for official business diners or crazy parties with your best girlfriends.

Bally Pixie
Tired of those very discreet and black only work purses and want to add a little spark to your wardrobe? Well, Bally has just made a bag for you that will allow you to do it.
A perfect execution and a cute style, where calf leather has been combined with silk in a laser cut woven pattern. The inside bag can also be removed. The measurements are: width 29 (11.4"), height 28 (11"), 15 depth (5.9").
The price is 1295 EUR (translated in dollars ~ 1760 USD.) The purse is sold in black and black and white versions. Available at their online store under the name Pixie.
Isn't that cute?

Discounted Bally bags and other Bally purses sale. Buy Bally online and look for deals from the sale section of the web page.

The traditional lock made fashionable again.

For purse fashionistas - this will be a part of th more classic take on the wardrobe. The Lock on Bally bag has a removable shoulder strap and its dimensions are H 31cm x W 30 cm x D 15cm.

Available in selected stores only. You should call to inquire.

Manufactured in calfskin.

This small tote is absolutely flawless.
A guaranteed success.
This is the brand you turn to when you want to carry a classic purse. The traditional shapes and leathers, as well as colors will make these bags a lasting choice. The way these purses are manufactured gives you a guarantee of a perfect quality and long lasting. An excellent choice for a business or work bag. Also an excellent choice if you want to make a gift to someone special.