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Italian brand Bottega Veneta has earned its place in the fashion bag history. Woven leather totes, hobo bags and clutch bags from this fashion label have almost cult like status and a proof of good taste. This company was started in 1966, however the company did not have instantaneous success and only in 2000 when the company hired British designer Deacon their business started going uphill as they launched a very successful pret-a-porter line for women's' clothing. Later this fashion brand was bought buy Gucci group. Although they have been very successful in the women fashion industry the main attention and their trademark are the handcrafted famous leather handbags, belts and also shoes. Right now German designer Tomas Maier is the leading designer in this fashion house.

The clutches and hobos in basic collections mainly are provided in beige or black color palettes - pale, pink, yellow, beige, as well as black, red, blue and brown shades are used. Although the design is rather classic than ultramodern these bags look very elegant with any outfit and are great supplement to any style you have chosen. Anemone cabat by this wonderful Italian brand is available in blue, green and black. These bags on sale are sold on cheap prices. Discounted Bottega Veneta bags are hard to find, so check out latest news for the previous season sale, for example buy discounted Nappa Milano bag.
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Bottega Veneta Assenzio Intrecciato Ayers KnotThis is Bottega Veneta Assenzio Intrecciato Ayers Knot. One of the loveliest creations by this italian fashion house. It is manufactured in the signature intrecciato woven pattern in snake leather. This clutch is one of the best selling and top appraised purses from the brand. It has all the qualities the brand is know for - perfect design, classy looks and gorgeous color that will make it a stand out.

It is rather small compared to other similar clutches, and you can easily fit in the hand. Size in inches is 6.7 width, depth is 2.4 inches and height is 4.1 inches. The same is in centimeters (17 x 6 x 10.5)

The beautiful discounted cheap knot clutch is the hottest accessory that is flirtatiously elegant and gorgeous accessory from bag range offered by this brand. The brand's purses on sale are available in large color range - from bright green to pink and blue with or without decorations.

What is great about this Italian leather handbag label, its their commitment to elegance and quality. This is the fashion brand that will not sell their chic elegance for some cheap fashion stunts. And this is one of the keystones of their success, as these clutch handbags continue to be favored at classy events and red carpets. The Empire clutch bag range has amazing colors this season from sky blue to olive green. Very beautiful leather woven bags can be bought online and there is also a complete range of cell phone, ipod and ipad cases.

There is almost no way to go wrong with choosing Bottega Veneta.

The Roma bag (picture left) is an iconic purse that will serve you welll for many seasons. Price 2.700 EUR or around 3.400 USD.

However what is a bit perplexing is their lack of new styles besides the traditional woven pattern. Although the brand has introduced few new departments, such as women and men's apparel and home decor, their core business is the leather bag and as the bar has been set rather high we expect top results again.

This is also one of the expensive brands so before paying the high price, make sure you get the value for it.

Also this is a fashion label that is immediately recognized. There are no doubts when people see the trademark woven design. The quality as always is impeccable for every piece of accessories they produce. See the Bottega Veneta official web page for new collections.