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Before becoming a handbag designer, Brigette Romanek was a quite successful singer. Her designing career story is truly amazing - her first handbag collection was actually made as a Christmas present to her closest friends - she carefully selected the alligator leathers, draw a design and went to a manufacturer to carry out the order. Her handbags and especially clutches were so successful that people started asking where to buy them and can more orders be placed. Right now you can purchase this designer's bags in several internet stores, and you can buy also the famous Rock Star clutch. This wonderful clutch bag is the one with the attitude and is mostly used for going out for a party or any glam event.

Most popular Brigette Romanek bag is the Rock Star Clutch - this has been celebrity choice from the very first day of its launch. Great news are that the Romanek Rock star clutch is available on sale with a considerable percentage off. Discounted Romanek bags, including discounted Romanek Lizzy, Alli and other bags and these are the original designer bags. The new collection of the purses from this designer is in bright blue, pink and orange dyes. You can also purchase discounted and affordable Starlet clutch, discounted Lizzy bag, the Note hand bag by Romanek, as well as discounted Wow and cheap Alli handbag from this brand.
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Brigette Romanek Rockstar clutchAlthough there have been no major news since the Romanek Rockstar clutch, it still remains among the top luxury handbags. The deal is in the leather and the wrap shape of this purse. Right now this famous clutch can be bought online in auctions for a price ranging from 1000 USD to 2000 USD.

The opening is a bit unusual, as this flap sort of unwinds up. It is 10" wide and 5" in depth, so it feels very comfortable in arm. The color choice is from navy blue to creamy beige and red. The classic is the black of course.

Buying handbags and clutches from this designer on sale presents you with great opportunity to take one of these lucrative deals on bags tote with discounts and savings on all purchases.

Unfortunately since the hype over the crocodile clutch purses is over, there are no news from this designer. What happened with such a promising start? We are still waiting for some fresh designs and enthusiasm. Right now you can look for this purse in pre-owned luxury bags sites, which sell authentic designer pieces. Let's hope there are news from Brigette Romanek soon. And a direct brands website would be great so that we know that we are buying from a trusted source. If you do want a rock Star Clutch you should visit auctions and see if some of the second market clutches are still available.

This brand had a very promising future, but for reasons unknown to us they are not manufacturing the purses anymore.