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Need perfect bag to go with the gorgeous high heeled shoes. Why not choose from the latest Christian Louboutin bag collection? This French luxury accessories designer does not stop surprising us. Louboutin was interested in designing already in his early childhood when he draw shoes at the sides of his school notebooks. Later he attended Chanel's design school and started his business by opening a small boutique shop that sold the red soled shoes and also offered free coffee to his clients. The success's did not come immediately but after the Neiman Marcus started to sell Louboutin's shoes in the US and when all celebrities spotted the gorgeous and sexy high heeled shoes with red soles. Oprah on her show even called these shoes "pieces of art".

And here are the Christian Louboutin's bags as well. His designed handbags are as beautiful as the shoes. If need a women's bag that has the impeccable quality and the haute couture design, consider these satchels. If searching for an evening bag, this designer has beautiful pouches and clutches in satin with embroideries. Gorgeous golden striped clutch with shoe closing detail or the cute studded Lolita pouch are wonderful. Discounted purses are available and they cost less than on other sites. Original designer handbag on sale is a bargain not to miss. Absolutely wonderful Maxi shopping totes in bright colors from this designer look great.
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Christian Louboutin Maykimay clutch If you love the design of the shoes, you will also like the purses. They are match to the high expectations that this brand had to attain, because everyone already knew the shoes and it would be a shame if the accessories lines did not live up to expectations. The glittery ( Swarovski crystals decorated) and flirty Maykimay clutch costs USD 2,695 via the official internet store. The inside is lined with the trademark red color and the purse is 10 inches high and 4 inches wide. This gorgeous designer clutch is zip closed. It will look great on various occasions, from red carpet like events to glam evening party in the city. And of course, there are famous shoes to make the ideal outfit.

Louboutin is a French designer, however the most success he has had in the States. Louboutin shoes are iconic, although skeptics say the heels are too high. Today this brand has even patented the red soles of his design shoes to protect them from counterfeiting. Right now there are boutique stores in USA, England, also France and Asia.

These stores carry also Louboutin bags, so don't miss the designer bags sale. Carillon red clutch is presented in this collection Louboutin Spike Clutchwith more daring and provocative handbags from this designer.
There are many great classic glossy leather clutches in the recent collection so you can buy a complete package at their online boutique.
Some of them are more daring, for example the spike clutch that might come in handy at high end parties or in a poorly lit alley when walking alone.

But seriously - this bag though a very bright fashion statement, is also very classy. The interior is lined in crimson red, the outside is glossy leather and the spikes speak for themselves. The bag costs around 1200 USD and is available online. The size is 4.7" x 9.3"x 2.3".

Also this designer has not been sitting quietly and contemplating.

The blood red shoes and impressive handbags are back again one more in even more provoking shapes and colors.

See the new Panettone Small in rouge de mars leather and spikes. A great way to make a statement.

Contact the boutique near to you to find out the price and availability.

The brand has positioned itself among the top luxury fashion houses also in regard to their handbag lines. The purses, however have not yet beat the success of the shoes. So far there have not been an IT bag from this fashion label. Maybe we will see one in the future. But in the meantime clients are choosing the shoes from Louboutin and getting their handbags elsewhere.