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This wonderful designer and a mother of two (Mona and Luce) is a designer that lives in Paris and creates exocentric and fifties inspired handbags. This designer's bags are noticeable and distinguishable from other luxury brand bags. Also she has been working with big names of fashion world - collaboration with Michael Kors, Givenchy, Alessi and the support of Karl Lagerfeld is quite a remarkable success for a new handbag designer in town. Although she is quite familiar with fashion world as she was a co-founder of fashion company 31 Février. Her design purses and satchels are a different type of fashion for those who value innovativeness and classy chic in handbag designs. Some of the current line purse models can be purchased online.

All of the bags by this brand are made in France and she pays also much of attention to details of the purses, all zip details, locks and other hardware is best quality. If you look at the latest purse in the gallery (picture below) you will find intricate metal decors around the bag. Forth Knox bag with metal details would make a perfect day handbag. Or the Pursy bag which is foldable and make quite a noticeable glamorous accessory. Also the Nepomiatzi clutch bags deserve credit. Small, perfectly shaped and superb quality these small Nepomiatzi purse bags (such as Bank purse) and clutch bags are elegant, simple and beautiful.
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Helene Nepomiatzi bag If you are looking for something fresh, something that shows true individuality, this is the new fashion statement brand. We have already seen numerousHelene Nepomiatzi bag purses from all the major labels, when the same model is repeated in thousand variations. This is something new, something avantgarde and retro at the same time. Learn more about this talented designer and her purse line.

The shapes are unconventional, the metal hardware is unique. As a small disadvantage would be the size. They are not too spacious, but rather than small handbags. But then again, we already have shelves flooded with large hobos and oversized totes. Look at the LV brand, they will sell a purse that can carry almost an elephant in it. However this is something very different and very intricate. And it is great to see that there are new styles and new approaches in the fashion industry. It is good to see that not everything has to be sold in bulk. This is an alternative brand for sure and if you are that type of girl you will absolutely love their products. There is something very aristocratic and reminding of the golden age when women spent a lot of time in front of the mirror making sure their accessories matches and each and every detail was perfect. Something making us think of old movie stars with exaggerated makeup and tine doll waists.

We bet that none envisaged a success of the matchbox handbag.
However this seems to be a trend. In the new collection you will be able to find this fine yellow-red colored handbag with a chain strap to be carried on shoulder or in arms.
For more information contact the sales team at the official boutique or online store.

Her branded bag sale offers discounted purses with reduced prices. The handbags are also available for e-shopping to save your time and also money.

Only this designer can present us with a piggy bank small purse, which actually looks like a piggy bank and is made in light beige shade leather. And also present the Value bag which features a 1000 franc bill on the back. The play with symbols is the favorite game of the designer. And although from the first glance it looks like an overkill, this approach works as there are more and more fans for the brand. Like who would resist a small evening purse resembling a cartoon character.