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Jean Paul Gaultier launched his first own fashion collection in year 1976. He quickly became popular due to very brave designs and shapes in his haute couture and also became popular costume designer for celebrities, he has designed costumes for Madonna and also for movie industry (film Fifth Element features also designs made by Gaultier). Right now this designer is working on three collections: 2 are his own (ready to wear and high fashion) and for one he has a contract with Hermes fashion house. Gaultier's handbags resemble the same brave and extravagant style as his clothing and they are sold at the high-end boutiques or the brands own boutiques.

Purses by this extravagant designer are not regular fashion bags produced by the industry - their rugged, street inspired design combined with perfect matching of colors and textures make these bags stand out. This fashion brand has also beautiful line of unique clutch bags to consider. Luxurious clutches from Resille collection have wonderful chain straps and golden decorations. L'Homme cabas bag is of a more classic design. Jean Paul Gaultier Overnight bag is one of the most successful handbags from this brand. These unique leather handbags are for people that value being different and not blending within a crowd, JPG offers great handbags for them.
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Jean Paul Gaultier purseBuy discounted Jean Paul Gaultier bags online and receive discounts from many shops that sell JPG bags. Buying hand bag online is easy, buyingdesigner hand bags is a bit more trickier, so you must make sure to buy an authentic designer bag. We offer you to check out the latest additions to the discount designer bag collection and find a perfect handbag, shoulder hand bag, tote bag or hobo bag.Gaultier hobo bag

This season this designer's handbags are all about glitter and glam and indeed why not to present a beautiful glittering clutch for the evening looks. The HPG bags are not cheap, so look for Gaultier sale to get the bag discounted.

The purse in the picture left is available at the at the price of 2,354.00 USD. This zip closure button decorated leather purse have additional pockets at the sides that are closed by magnetic closure. Color range is white, black and brown. The purse is named Le Dissident.

If you were not already a fan of JPG I assure this season is going to change your mind. For the new collection has got a new approach to the Gothic appeal and now offers you several notable handbags. Since this brand does not sell the accessories online you will have to visit stores in New York or better Paris to get you hands down on these handbags. This is a collection worth remembering.

The new collection is sort of a mix between Amy Winehouse, Argentinian tango dresses and biker leather jackets meet long skirts. And it is quite a convincing mix that is easy to fall in love with.

Yes, very provocative but also very wearable in small doses. No news on handbags yet, but let us wait a little bit more. We are sure in for a treat now when the new collections have arrived. So far let us marvel at the new creations all executed in the traditional manner of this designer. The favorite is the cylinder like small hand bag both in tin blue and fur coated. Although some of the new additions to the collection might seem a bit too extravagant, they create just the right atmosphere and style. You do not have to be dresses like from Alice in Wonderland in order for this style to work. Just one item from the accessories collection will be enough to create a unique style of your own.