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Leather was the first material to make the very first handbags and purses made of this natural material have maintained the status and usability also today. In fact all of the luxury design houses have their own designer bag lines and most of these totes, hobo bags and purses are made of leather. Introduction of other synthetic fibres provided more opportunities for handbag manufacturers to choose the materials for the purses. They already had canvas bags and hide material and now the nylon and plastic fibres were introduced. Still leather proved to be one of the most used, durable and beautiful handbag craftsmanship materials and thus has maintained its role in the fashion bag business.

Calfskin bags and goat material shoulder purses are the materials typically used, and all major fashion houses do their best to beat competition in this particular handbags market. More and more exotic purses are introduced and eco-friendly fashionistas using the synthetic material bags are still a minority at fashion events. And this is because people are used to the perfect quality of that the leather provides, these purses are hard to wear down and they definitely have the natural appeal. Also most of men's leather briefcase are made of natural and durable dyed calfskin or hide. More exotic materials are ostrich, alligator and python.
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Leather Messenger Hide made bag is one of the most durable purses made of natural materials. This is also one of the most beautiful materials and offers many choices from luxury ostrich and alligator skin bags to beautiful calf skin bags. It is also one of the first most durable materials that we know for the bag making. Initially the first primitive purses were made of leaves too, but next one was making of sack like bags to carry the hunted animals or gathered fruits home. Although there have been numerous alternative materials introduced from nylon to plastic, the soft feel and durability of the calfskin purse has not been exceeded in any way.

Leather messenger bag
is among the most used types of bags followed by tote bags made in this material. You can also order handmade purses from even most exotic materials. Adriana Castro and Nancy Gonzalez are brands known for their love of exotic skins to make luxury purses.

Emboya clutch Tesler MendelovitchThe fashion is changing and we see more and more purses made in wood. In the beginning it was more like a flirt with new materials. But what started as an alternative trend is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Have a look at the Tesler Mendelovitch clutch bag in wood. It is made in emboya wood which can be from medium to very dark brown with a little shine of gold or red. It is a very beautiful wood indeed. It is also pleasant to touch and has great characteristics in terms of durability and resistance to damage. This clutch costs $580.00
It is made to order and taking into consideration that there are no two identical woods you can be assured to have a unique piece of fashion.
Its details are:
Price: USD 580
Material: wood and leather
Dimensions: 30 cm or 11.8" (width), 14 cm or 5.5" (height) and 7 cm or 2.8" (depth)

The eco leather is also gaining more attention - being a quite versatile material it is the preferred handbag material for Stella McCartney and other less known names in the handbag business. The eco leather wears down a bit easier than genuine leather, but to compensate it the eco leather bag is promoting more green and eco friendly lifestyle. These purses are also quite durable. So the most likely scenario is that you will get bored of this handbag rather than it will wear off. Also the price range is quite affordable.