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Louis Vuitton is the trendiest IT bag brand. After Murakami lines Vuitton business is blossoming and their luxury purses are believed to be one of the most popular bags on the market. 

What started as trunks' manufacturer business in 1854 has now turned into one of the most successful fashion houses that sells everything from leather bags, travel bags, accessories, shoes, clothing to jewelry and watches.  Its headquarters is in Paris, France. Its artistic director is Marc Jacobs who took on this role in 1997. Marc Jacobs is a genius responsible for many successes of this company, for example, graffiti bags by Stephen Sprouse or Takashi Murakami's accessories. He also is responsible for the first LV fashion line.

The legendary LV Monogram Canvas design was created in 1896 by Vuitton's son. And it was meant to prevent other from counterfeiting Louis Vuitton goods. Sadly it is nowadays one of the most copied brands on the market.
For those on the budget - it is possible to find also discounted and original Louis Vuitton bags. Sales of original second hand LV bags is one option. LV designer bags are definitely celebrity bags – LV are appreciated by Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie and many more celebrities are spotted with the LV cherry bag or classic monogram design or even the crazy LV tribute patchwork.
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LV Insolite Wallet This wallet on the picture left is sold online via the brand's e-store. It is sized 8.3" x 4.3". And is made of the Murakami canvas. The bright color choice is also available with violate and lavender shade. In this wallet you will have golden brass hardware, leather lining, two zipped compartments and two pocket compartments. It has 12 places for credit cards. There is also a ring and a removable strap chain to attach the wallet to your handbag.

Each LV bag has a serial number and logo, it comes together with a LV dust bag, authenticity card and care booklet, you have to bear this in mind when you buy Louis Vuitton bag on online sale.

One of the most elegant collections created for the label was the Sophia Coppola collection. As soon as the After Sofia Coppola and the LV city bags were presented they have been a huge hit. They were selling well, because these elegant leather purses were quite spacious, comfortable and beautiful looking, so for those who need a decent city bag, they fit the purpose nicely. It has not been the brand's only cooperation with the popular artists. Also the brand's and Kanye West cooperation has delivered some good fashion items. It has been also announced that the new advertising face of LV is going to be no one else but the avant-garde musician David Bowie. This is truly fascinating news and we are sure that the almost 70 years old music (and also fashion) icon will add some spice to the new campaign. We can only wish the brand have so many profound transformations just like the Bowie has had them over his impressive career.

Not to mention the Steven Sprouse or Takeshi Murakami, whose creations are considered legendary in the fashion world. Also what can be said about the brand's satchels in general is Louis Vuitton NN 14 PM Fatalethat they have great functionality and quality. The designs are also varied in terms of materials, for example, Epi leather is more office purse line, while Damier Azur lines are more joyful and summer purse lines. Also the product range is quite vast - from laptop cases and wallets to messenger purses. Of course there are famous purse models, but the no name and practical products, such as toiletry bags are as functional and beautiful as their famous sisters that cost very much.

For a while it seemed that LV exploited the already famous purses and produced them in numerous versions in all the shades possible.

However there are some very beautiful creations made in recent years. Have a look at the new NN 14 PM Fatale. This absolutely elegant purse has been made in dark blue, fuchsia and black.
This purse is made in alligator leather and has hand pleated leather tassels. Inside the purse is lined with suede calfskin.
There is also a removable pouch for stowing valuables.
This purse can be carried by hand or elbow.
The price for this gorgeous bag is $20,600.
The dimensions are 7.1″ x 12.6″ x 4.7″

This brand has always maintained a loyal customer base and the recent collections are a proof that LV truly deserves its success. Being able to combine both elegance with durability they have crafted one of the most known handbag styles in the world that is perfect both for business, travel and going out.

2nd hand LV luxury products

This fashion label's products are not cheap, so if you want to buy a discounted LV or Louis Vuitton bags you can get them online. The only thing is to be vigilant and make sure you don't buy a product that is not genuine. Bags by this LV brand will not be cheap designer handbags, however there are authentic second hand handbags on sale offered on several sites. If you think that LV is too expensive, you can buy a smaller leather accessories, such as a wallet as a gift - it will have a good quality and a recognizable design. In terms of popularity the Louis Vuitton Speedy is still among the best sellers of the brand. When buying a second hand, please contact the seller for proof of purchase, dust bag and any other item that might prove that you are getting what you were promised. If in doubt, look for a better deal. The more careful you are when making the purchase the more likely you will get a genuine purse.